Our "Learn" page has moved

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Hello Everyone.

Since our initial release launch well over 3 months ago we’ve made a lot of improvements to Ocurus as well as adding some new features. But let’s be honest, our primary goal was to rid ourselves of bugs which I am happy to say we’ve successfully managed to do.

During the time we experienced that some difficulties related to using Ocurus system. So we moved our "Learn" page into a dashboard section menu and improve all the video. We do hope that you’ve not experienced any difficulties to use Ocurus system but should this be the case please contact us at support@ocurus.com. Also, we are ready to publish weekly "Demonstration Video" which will guide you to make a more advanced usage possibilities of our Ocurus system.

In the meantime, as I pointed out above, contact support@ocurus.com should you have any questions and we will do our bests to assist you where we can.


Ocurus Team