News Update - May 2018

Dear Ocurus Customers, In an effort to improve your virtual tour creation experience, weare trying toupgrade our website and virtual tour import orexport possibility. But recent changes of Google Street View Api, their 360 panoramic images won't downloaded programicaly. So, from today we delete google street view upload feature from Ocurus and decided to create another separated project which is "Ocurus View". On this "Ocurus View" project, you canupload 360 images to Google street view and create your street view virtual tour. On the current Ocurus platform, Offline virtual tour feature will be released. With help of this feature, you can export your virtual tours created on Ocurus platform to your computer and upload it into your own web server or import to another Ocurus account. To thank you for your patience and continued patronage, we would like to offer you 20% off your next 1 year subscription with code SUMMERTOURS2018 through 1 August 2018. Sincerely, Ocurus Team

We wish you the best for 2018!

We want to thank you for choosingOcurus and entrusting us with your 360 images and 360 virtual tours. During 2017, we have finished and launched these new features: Affiliate program, Background music, Pro usage blog posts, Learn pages, Facebook page integration, Embed code generation and many more. We are working on new features and improvements to be launched in 2018. We look forward to a great Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour 2018!

Welcome Our 500th Customer!

Its a little more than 3 months, since the relaunch of Ocurus enhanced platform, and were really happy to announce that we now have 500 customers!Our 500th customer is Michał Piętakfrom Poland one of the top 360 virtual tour makers in the region and custom virtual tour experts. Thank you, Michał Piętak, for your business and welcome aboard!Its been a wonderful journey for the entire team of Ocurus, and we would like to thank all our customers for their trust and faith in us. This is just the beginning. There is a long way to go and were geared up to build some awesome features, listen to our customers feedback, and build a most advanced 360oVTs that your virtual tour users loves. Stay tuned and please contact us for any questions writing

Your Business With Ocurus. That's why it is winning!

A virtual tour in your business ... have you ever thought about it? Virtual reality becomes real with Ocurus, the innovative platform that increases the capacity of Google Street View and your 360 panoramic experience, the service that allows users to make a 360 virtual tour in the inside of your business. Ocurus is a unique business tool that offers the user the opportunity to be a leader of your business thanks to a new experience of interactive navigations, hotspots and others. The effectiveness of this platform is ensured by an efficient organization. Ocurus has, in fact, a widespread network of photographers all over the world for the creation of 360 panoramic shots. In the second step our team will assist you during the tour creation, ensuring that its implementation meets your needs. The production line is well developed with the assistance of a staff organized in various areas of competence. The winning result is ensured by multilingual interpreters, copywriters, graphic artists, consultants, web developers, videographers and other professionals, all committed to ensure top quality services.

10 awesome virtual tour tips

Hello there! Its not a secret that a nice looking and informative virtual tour sells your product easier. No matter if its a real estate, restaurant, shop or event, the more interesting your tour is the more clients you attract through it. Here is 10 tips how to make a stunning virtual tour that sells. Organizing the area 1.Choose locations that will be represented in a tour.Dont try to accommodate everything in your tour. Decide which rooms look better.If possible, choose rooms that have lots of light over rooms that may look dull and dark. Alight area will always have more appeal. 2. Make athorough cleaning of the place. Everything should be perfectly looking and well-conditioned. A professional photo camera can capture even a barelynoticeableflaw in a room.So make sure all the area is prepared:any stains are removed and any form of fabric(curtains, bed sheets, table cloths) are stroked and arranged as required. Also dont forget to removeany undesirablesignage for examplewet floor or some other temporary signs.Check all the light bulbs and replace any blown or miss matched bulbs. 3.Add some coziness to the place.Put fresh flowers, candles and other interesting interior or exterior details to your place. Arrange chairs and tables in a neat manner and make sure any soft furnishings are arranged and plumped to your standards.Make an attentive review of your place to find out how to make it more pleasant looking in a photo shot. Shooting 4.Plan the exact time of the photo process.What part of the day is your place looking better at? In the morning inthe first bright sunlight or duringsunset time? Or do you want to show an amazing view of stellar sky which visitors can observe on the roof? For majority of places the best option is a sunny day. So if its raining today it might be better to reschedulethe photoshooting. 5.While youre taking pictures, dont forget to snap some shots of the community and the best places in the neighborhood. People who are planning to visit your organizationmay want to know about the area theyll be chilling/working/studding/etc at, and if you canshow them its a great neighborhood, youll grab their interest.Always include shots of the outside of your storefront or property and the entrance. You may want to include a shot of the door opening too, or a walk in from outside to inside. That also can help people to find the place. 6.Vary your photo types.A virtual tour that simply shows room shot after room shot can be pretty boring. Instead, take multiple pictures of each room from different angles, with different zoom areas, and choose the best of those pictures to include in your virtual tour. You can also vary the number of photos used for each area. Such as including several shots of the living room with fireplace, balcony and cathedral ceilings, but only one or two of the standard-issue bedrooms. 7. Sometimes to have people on the photo is a great idea. They can be your employees with funny masks, heads or some singes in hands.Or you can putsome special sings somewhere in the area.It can be a creative way to be memorized and stand out from competitors. Ocurus marketing tools 8.Add extras to your virtual tour.Stunning photos are the heart of a virtual tour, but additional information can really sell a product. Create an interesting and beautiful hotspots withphoto gallery,video, social buttons, links to your website, promotion information and so on. Turn on your imagination to enrich the tour with an amazing content. 9.Personalize a tour, make it different.Create abrandedlayout, use yourlogo, customfontsandcolors. Decorate your tour with unusual elements like offbeatbuttons or picturesque pop-up window. Implementall your bold ideas using CSS editor. What if the whole tour will be like one interesting story which your target audience will be happy to go deeper in? Check outour blogto find ideas for inspiration looking through the TourDash tour of the month. 10.Think carefully about texts!Or even dont neglectto hire a copywriter to fillhotspot windows inside a tour. Short, smart, beating accurately at the target words obviously can help you sell your product or service. A common mistake is an inadequate usage of hotspot space. A lot of texts in virtual tours are or too small, or too long, or too boring. Hotspot is a great advertising field. Describe company or product advantages, underline main profit for your customers, be clear and communicative. For now thats it! Hope you find it useful!If you liked this post please share it with your friends in social media!

How to create VR images by using 360 Cameras

What is a 360 Camera? A 360-degree camera is a multi-lens camera that captures a fully panoramic image or video. The resulting image or video gives the viewer a sense of immersion, as they can navigate multi-directionally within the media. How do they work? A dual-lens camera will simultaneously take a front and rear photo or video which, when combined, will give the audience a full 360 degree viewing field. This spherical capture simulates the feeling of total immersion. What are some recommended 360 cameras? There are many 360 cameras on the marketplace. The three entry-level cameras we find ourselves recommending the most are: Ricoh Theta S The most popular 360 camera on the market. Uses a front and back dual lens approach, capturing high resolution, full HD images and video. Well-regarded for its portability and reliability, the Ricoh is a good bargain at roughly $299 USD. Insta360 Nano Unlike the Ricoh Theta S, the Insta360 Nano can attach directly on top of iPhone 6 and later models. It too uses a dual lens approach, and can capture high resolution images or videos. The lightweight solution costs a bit less than the Ricoh Theta, starting at $195 USD. Gear 360 The Gear 360 is a popular spherical camera made by Samsung. Despite its slightly different shape than the Ricoh or Insta360, it too uses two fisheye lenses. The Gear 360 shoots nearly 4K video, and is relatively simple to operate. Its a good choice if you have a newer model Samsung phone, such as the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, which it is compatible with. The Gear 360 starts at roughly $250 USD. Any tips tricks to maximize a 360 camera? Youll likely need some additional equipment, such as a monopod, tripod, or selfie stick, to truly maximize the value of a 360 camera. Otherwise, the camera will capture you along with the rest of the panorama. Its important to decide if youre going to capture something in video or still images. Though people are generally inclined more towards video, there are very good reasons to consider still images. Theyll take up less space on apps, theyre often crisper, and they give the viewer a greater sense of control. Some 360 tours are absolutely better as static panoramas than video. Because youll likely be using InstaVR for a multi-scene virtual experience, consider the narrative you want to create before you do your media capture. How can a viewer easily and logically go from place to place in your VR app? Where do you want to place the camera for optimal capture? As with regular cameras, its likely better to capture too much rather than too little. Why do I need an Ocurus Pro account with a 360 camera? Ocurus allows you to take your raw 360 images and create a whole 360 VR experience. This is done by augmenting your media with Navigation, allowing your audience to go from image-to-image. Hotspots can also be overlaid directly on top of the panoramas, containing additional things like 2d images, video, audio narration, or text. Both Navigation and Hotspots can be gaze activated when the phone is placed within a head-mounted device, or can be clicked on when part of WebVR. Cameras tend to silo your data on the camera or a laptop, with only limited sharing options such as on Facebook or YouTube. InstaVR gives users the flexibility to create engaging VR experiences that can be shared across a multitude of platforms. How do I get my 360 images from my camera to Ocurus? Its actually very simple. Most 360 cameras will allow you capture images in JPG or PNG. These are our preferred upload formats. Once youve collected the images or video you want for your virtual tour in a folder on your laptop, you can simply drag-and-drop upload the folder on Ocurus virtual tour cloud-based platform.

Ocurus for your business; Connecting with your crowd

For a couple of years now, organizations have been profiling themselves through social media. Think Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, five of the biggest online tools around for reaching customers. Have we gotten to the point where Google Maps Business View makes social media obsolete? We dont think so. At Ocurus we believe in synergy, by linking your online marketing tools together. By making use of our boundary hotspot feature in Ocurus, the business owner can decide whether or not to engage his/her customer and in doing so offer them targeted information. Not only can you offer them targeted information, you can also entice them to do things from within your virtual tour. Like connecting to social media, such as: Having them visit Facebook and like the business page Visit the companys Google+ page and connect to it Connect via LinkedIn by sending them to the company page Visit YouTube channel to watch videos Follow you on Twitter by linking them to the account Ocurus ensures the virtual tour can be linked to social media. Opening the lines of communication once more.

How Virtual Reality is Becoming an Important Thing for Marketers

Breaking Through the Noise Marketing is a tough job. Not only do you have to work harder than the competition, you also have to be more creative. Your target audience is inundated with messaging all day long on their laptops, on their smartphones, on their televisions, on their commute, even at the gym. Breaking through the noise created by all this messaging is tough. Its harder and harder to create compelling, memorable experiences for consumers. One way to stand out is by utilizing a medium that is both interesting and immersive. Enter Virtual Reality Virtual Reality is not new. But its finally starting to reach maturity. And its finally becoming accessible to the masses. Witness the NY Times sending out 300,000 Google Cardboard units to subscribers. Witness Conan OBrien producing a significant amount of VR content and sending out branded Google Cardboards. Witness Gear VR teaming up with the Olympics NBC to broadcast many events on their popular head mounted display. Witness my favorite NPR station, KCRW, jumping into VR. All of these happened in 2016. One main thing driving virtual reality adoption is the availability of content. As we learned in the 1980s VHS vs. Sony Betamax battle, having good content is what generates platform adoption. So I think its safe to say Virtual Reality is starting to get some serious traction. Why Marketers Should Care According to Goldman Sachs, Virtual Reality could grow to be an $80 Billion business by 2025. The reason for this potential growth spurt is that consumers crave unique and engaging experiences. Your spot television ads, your basic internet banner ads, your generic emails none of that cuts through the clutter. But if you create an interesting and compelling VR experience, your potential customers will remember you. Theyll embrace you. Theyll form a more positive opinion of you, assuming your Virtual Reality experiences provide value or entertainment. More and more users want to be a part of the narrative, and VR helps accomplish that. It can be interactive and informative. Many forward thinking marketers are already using VR, from small businesses to Fortune 500. Here are just a few examples Ive run across in the last few weeks that have impressed me: Steven Taylor, and the Shangri-La Hotels marketing team, equipping all of their sales offices and hotel sales teams with Gear VRs that can display 360 experiences that captivate potential customers and give them a truly memorable impression of Shangri-La. Torsten Wingenter, and the Digital Innovation team at Lufthansa Airlines, utilizing VR experiences created for Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift to stand out in the commoditized and relatively undifferentiated world of airline travel. Anna Bory, and the marketing team at Audi, utilizing VR to help a luxury brand promote its progressive image and garner more brand awareness and media reach. Daniel Grieder, the CEO at Tommy Hilfiger, installing VR at its New York store and promoting the idea of surprise by square foot. Wim Kok, and his team at Matoke Tours Uganda, using 360 videos of Uganda to encourage visitors to come to the country and experience the beauty firsthand. Todd Greenberg, and his marketing group at Australias National Rugby League, allowing fans to see things in 360 from players and coaches perspective, getting them excited to attend a game. Nescafe teaming with Google to allow consumers to experience the coffee fields of Brazil, where their drinks originated from. And in case you didnt notice, I just highlighted VR experiences that allow you to experience six different continents. VR makes the global world that much more accessible. No longer are you required to physically be in the same space to generate potential interest in your company. If VR is playing a nine inning baseball game, I think were in the second inning now. The first inning was the early VR games and expensive headsets. The second inning is making headsets more accessible/cheaper and making it easier to take 360 VR and publish it on multiple platforms. The third inning well, well find out shortly. But one thing is for sure VR is starting to move away from a mere novelty.

Add your tour on Facebook!

You have surely noticed that Ocurus is accessible only in secure HTTPS mode. This important update will allow you to embed your tours easily even in web sites that require a secure connection.Moreover, since now its possible to embed your own tours in your Facebook Pages, by adding a Page Tab! This allows your page fans to explore your business panoramas directly in Facebook. That function integrates easily in many plugins related to Facebook Page Tab (e.g. Woobox) or if you have a Developer account in Facebook you can create a Page Tab by yourself and embed the tour. Heres an example:

Ocurus 1.0 is now live!

Today we announce the release of Ocuruss first stable version: Ocurus 1.0! Ocurusis a service and community dedicated to professional panoramic photographers, google trusted photographers and panoramic photography enthusiasts announced today its online web application. Ocurus is the world's greatest and the most scalable web application that allows anyone to create panoramic virtual tours. The team here at Ocurus is looking forward to seeing your creative work! Were always looking out for examples such as Etna that was awarded the first Ocurus Tour of the Week. Think you can make something just as good? We would love to see it! The future looks very promising, I can assure you that Im very excited and I hope all of you are too. As always, you can email us regarding any pre-sales questions you might have at and well respond to the best of our abilities. Sincerely, Javkhlan Rentsendorj TeamOcurus

Our "Learn" page has moved

Hello Everyone. Since our initial release launch well over 3 months ago weve made a lot of improvements to Ocurus as well as adding some new features. But lets be honest, our primary goal was to rid ourselves of bugs which I am happy to say weve successfully managed to do. During the time we experienced that some difficulties related to using Ocurussystem. So we moved our "Learn" page into a dashboard section menu and improve all the video.We do hope that youve not experienced any difficulties to use Ocurus system but should this be the case please contact us at Also, we are ready to publish weekly "Demonstration Video" which will guide you to make a more advanced usage possibilities of our Ocurussystem. In the meantime, as I pointed out above, contact should you have any questions and we will do our bests to assist you where we can. Sincerely, Ocurus Team