Things that developed July 2017

Ocurus Update

Hello Valued Customers! Ocurus Platform further updated progressively as promised. We are very excited to share with you our August update as follows:

  1. We have completed our ‘Learn’ section as of this July. This section is further updated with detailed explanations in English in addition to further exciting lessons.
  1. Dashboard section is further upgraded and we are planning to release the Italian version of Ocurus in coming month. We would say the translation is already reached 50% of whole platform.
  1. ‘Global Music’ feature that would enable you to add music during entire virtual tour is now completed and added at the platform.
  1. ‘Mini map’ bugs on mobile devices are fixed and upgraded.
  1. Social share functions, including the full integration with Facebook and Twitter, are now completely renovated and upgraded.
  1. Emails that can be sent directly from your virtual tour ‘Form’ is nearly finished with 3 distinct and fashionable designs.
  2. Last and importand update was our "Pro" users can create custom URL for their virtual tour.   It will improve your search engine optimization a lot.

Please do continue to send us your exciting ideas about how best we could improve Ocurus platform. We will stand by you all the time to help you to build the most exciting and advanced virtual tours!