Ocurus tour of the month | April 2018

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Hello there! We are happy to present you a Ocurus tour of April 2018 - Templo de San Antonio  by Roberto Pereda. 

Over the last century archaeologists have saved some of the world's most important heritage sites from decay. For sites that are deemed to remote, too costly, or not famous enough to warrant real-world preservation there is now hope, as digital archiving is preserving them in 360 virtual tour.

This virtual tour represent the undisputed icon of Aguascalientes. It is the culminating work of the architect Autodidacta Refugio Reyes Rivas. Mr. Antonio Morfín Vargas, allocated $ 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand pesos) for the construction of this site. The bells are from the United States, the paintings from Italy, it has an organ of the house A. Wagner and Leivien, a beautiful decoration of pink, yellow and green quarry, a dome of double drum that challenges gravity, and interiors decorated by Candelario Rivas, who also painted the interior of the Imperial Theater of Los Angeles California and paid homage in art to the Castle of the Wicked Witch of the Wizard of Oz.

So we want to nominate this tour as tour of the month of April and grant additional 6 month PRO subscription to the author of this virtual tour Roberto Pereda.



Hope this column helps you find some interesting solutions for your own tours or just be in connection with Ocurus community. :) 

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