News Update - May 2018

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Dear Ocurus Customers,


In an effort to improve your virtual tour creation experience, we are trying to upgrade our website and virtual tour import or export possibility. But recent changes of Google Street View Api, their 360 panoramic images won't downloaded programicaly.

So, from today we delete google street view upload feature from Ocurus and decided to create another separated project which is "Ocurus View". On this "Ocurus View" project, you can upload 360 images to Google street view and create your street view virtual tour.

On the current Ocurus platform, Offline virtual tour feature will be released. With help of this feature, you can export your virtual tours created on Ocurus platform to your computer and upload it into your own web server or import to another Ocurus account. 

To thank you for your patience and continued patronage, we would like to offer you 20% off your next 1 year subscription with code SUMMERTOURS2018 through 1 August 2018.



Ocurus Team