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Hello, everybody! Today is the time for our regular column – Ocurus tour of the month. As usually, we’ve carefully investigated all the tours made during the last four weeks. Every month winner will get 3 months "Pro" subscription and it will automatically added to your account. And we are happy to present you the winner: Hotel 360 VR - Chinggis Khaan Hotel.

Located on Tokyo Street and Beijing Street, within a 15-minute walk from the major government, business and cultural centres, the 4-star Chinggis Khaan Hotel enjoys a quiet location in a primarily residential area. It houses an indoor swimming pool, massage and sauna services, a trendy nightclub, karaoke rooms and a variety of dining options. Free Wi-Fi is provided.

This is a great job to collect that amount of media and place in one tour. The design of the tour is bright and memorable. A navigation menu is easy, logical and comprehensive. Hotspots are small and easily perceivable for visitors. This is a very well-done tour!



Hope this column helps you find some interesting solutions for your own tours or just be in connection with Ocurus community. :) 

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